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6 ways how AQUARETRO green technology bring value to Putrajaya


From capital admin city to leisure family outing attraction – Where busy people privately spend their precious time with family in Putrajaya.


Who said green technology is not economical and hard to be commercialize? Our figure said reversed. It is not only beyond economical but also provide lucrative income to water recreation operator.


Creating activities for Tourist – Thanks to our self-pilot electric boat,  now they have time to spend-on and hands-on while enjoying beautiful landscape of Putrajaya.


Fun activities – The only place in Malaysia where you can shoot laser gun at floating target and experience the thrill.


Green recreation- Aquaretro not only produce zero carbon emission, but also preserve water quality.


Sweet memory – Let the children navigate a boat become one of their sweetest memories in Putrajaya

With our experiences and skills, let we help you to transform your precious lake and landscape in to something fresh and new.
Please talk, email or write to us how could help bring value to your lake and business.