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BYOD with Hotspot

Our specialization is to assist individual and organization to setup BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) concept with hotspot gateway to enables them to provide a public network access for clients using wireless or wired network connections. The user will be presented a login screen when first opening his web browser. Once a login and password is provided, the user will be allowed internet access.

This is ideal for campus, hotel, school, airport, internet café or any other public place where administration doesn’t have control over the user computer. No software installation or network configuration is needed, hotspot will direct any connection request to the login form.

Extensive user management is possible by making different user profiles, each of which can allow certain uptime, upload and download speed limitation, transfer amount limitation and more.

Hotspot also supports authentication against standard RADIUS server and user manager which will give you a centralized management of all users in your networks. This is including Plug-N-Play access to network, authentication of local network client, user accounting, RADIUS support to local network authentication and accounting, configurable bypass for non-interactive devices, walled garden for browsing exception, trial user and advertisement mode.