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Background MikroTik Malaysia

Mikrotik are famous for their RouterOS and also their RouterBoard hardware. Their products are affordable yet featured pack. In Malaysia, these Mikrotik routers became famous when Unifi was launched. At that time, Mikrotik routers had support VLAN tagging, and was one of the most affordable ones around. With VLAN tagging, it allowed the user to replace TM provided router with their own, while retaining both internet access and IPTV service.

MikroTik Malaysia

Asia TechBiz sdn bhd focuses on wireless network communications equipment provider.

We already using Mikrotik product since 2007 and become Authorized Mikrotik Distributor for RouterBOARD and RouterOS in early 2009. We also provides all accessories that Mikrotik RouterBOARD might need such as Enclosure, Antenna, MiniPCI, POE, Adaptor, Pigtail, storage device, multiport LAN card and multi type of converter.

We are offering Bulk Order. Please contact: admin[at] for request.

Mikrotik Certified Training Partner

Mikrotik MalaysiaAs commercial company, we actively conduct Certified Training with up-to-date format (using the latest version of RouterOS and latest update). With our non-conventional training format like Bootcamp, Weekly Training, Additional 1-day extra material, etc., we offer our students various way to learn MikroTik with fun and togetherness. We are currently categorize as few of Training Partner that can offer ALL MikroTik classes.

Our Wifi Project List

  • UiTM Merbok Kedah
  • IKM Sg Petani Kedah
  • PPD Kuala Muda Yan Kedah
  • PPD Langkawi Kedah
  • PPD Kulim Bandar Baharu Kedah
  • Pejabat Kesihatan Kuah Langkawi
  • Pejabat Kesihatan LADA Langkawi
  • Pejabat Kesihatan Padang Matsirat
  • Pejabat Kesihatan Air Hangat
  • Jabatan Parit Saliran Kuah Langkawi
  • Delta Motel and Restaurant Pantai Chenang Langkawi
  • SMV Sg Petani 2 Kedah
  • SMV Kulim Kedah
  • SMV Seberang Perai Bukit Minyak
  • SMV Batu Lanchang P.Pinang
  • SMV Balik Pulau P.Pinang
  • SMV Butterworth P.Pinang
  • SMV Nibong Tebal P.Pinang
  • MSC Technology Commercialization Centre
  • Kolej Vokasional ERT Setapak
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional
  • Felda Global Venture
  • DHL Warehouse




Indoor Distribution Tight Buffer Cable
Shielded with high strength Kevlar member ensures tension resistance with long term stability in data transmission at all times. It is designed with properties of small outer diameter for easy deployment, lightweight for easy handling, flame retardant for safety operations, Low attenuation guarantees accurate data transmission. It can be deployed as a direct 

Indoor Breakout fiber Cable
Comprised withnot more than 24 simplex fibers, each cable is covered with independent strength member and outer jacket. It is inter-twisted "SZ” design without binding tape. Kevlar as strength member with aramid yarn. Independent strength member and sheath to prevent damage against environmentaland mechanical stress. Variation of outer jacket colors to indicate area of deployment. Optical fiber core range from 2 to4. Variation of outer jacket material from PVC, LSZH or PE.

FTTH Indoor Cable ( G.657A Drop Cable )
Indoor Used or FTTH application. Easy connect with field installation connection. Excellent tensile and crush performance. Kevlar fiber reinforced plastic known as K-FRP, and flame retardant LSZH jacket against heat and environment friendly (RoHS)

Singlemode Indoor Distribution Tight Buffer Cable
Excellent flame retardant performance. Good insulation performance. No filling compound. Good bending performance, easy to separate.

Indoor  Subscriber Fiber Termination Box
Wall or pole mount type fiber distribution box for FTTH, house fiber splitter and CATV application or used in the end termination of residential building and villa to fix and splice with pigtails. Connector type SC, LC simplex or duplex adapter. Allows effective management of optical fiber. Material: PC/ABS, silicon rubber, nitride rubber burn for sealing.


Optical Fiber Central Lose Tube Armoured Outdoor Cable
Low attenuation and low dispersion designed for singlemode at 1310nm and 1550nm and multimode at 850nm and 1300nm respectively. Good protection and excellent strip force stability. Accurate geometrical parameters ensure low splicing losses and high data efficiency. Exceeds the transmission demand of IEEE802.3z Gigabit Ethernet standarts.

Optical Fiber Armoured Duct Cable
Loose tube design allows high tensile strength and flexibility in compact environmental deployment area. Aluminium Plastic Laminated Tape armoured cables prevents damage coused by domestic animals. Jelly fillings and proper structure shielding ensures low attenuation and dispersion creating prefect mechanical and environmental properties.


Singlemode Cable
Low attenuation and low dispersion satisfying the operation demand at 1310nm and 1550nm, Low PMD satisfying the high bit-rate ang long distance transmission links, Good protection and excellent strip force stability, Accurate geometrical parameters that insure low splicing loss and high Spilicing efficiency

Multimode Cable ( 62.5/125um and 50/125um )
Designed for use at 850nm and 1300nm, Low attenuation and high bandwidth – which overfill the transmission demand of IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet, Good  protection and excellent strip force stability


Fiber Patchcord E2000 – E2000 Singlemode Duplex
Fiber Patchcord LC-LC Singlemode Duplex
Fiber Patchcord LC-SC Multimode Duplex
Fiber Patchcord SC-ST Multimode Duplex


Fiber FC Pigtail
Fiber LC Pigtail
Fiber SC Pigtail
Fiber ST Pigtail


E2000 Singlemode Connector
LC Multimode Connector
SC Multimode Connector
FC Singlemode or Multimode Connector
SC Singlemode Connector
LC Singlemode Connector
ST Singlemode Connector


SC MM Duplex Adapter
SC MM Duplex Adapter
Fiber Adapter E2000 APC
MU Adapter
MTRJ Adapter
LC SM Adapter
LC MM Adapter
SMA Bare Adapter
ST Bare Adapter
FC Bare Adapter
FC-ST Hybrid Adapter
FC-SC Hybrid Adapter
ST-SC Hybrid Adapter
E 2000- FC Hybrid Adapter
FC- Din Hybrid Adapter
ST-SMA Hybrid Adapter
ST Adapter
FC Adapter


LC Attenuator
SC Attenuator
FC Attenuator

ACCESSORIES ( Fiber Optic )

Fiber Wall Mount Panel
FDF Block 12/24 Port
Fiber Rack Mount Panel
Fiber Inline Closure
Dome Closure
Fiber Visual Fault Locator
Fiber Heatshrink Sleeve 40mm/60mm
Fiber Optic Spliter
Fiber Splice Tray



Nuromicron Cat. 5e Unshielded Twisted Pair ( UTP )
Nuromicron Cat. 5e Foil Twisted Pair ( FTP )
Nuromicron Cat. 5e Shielded Foil Twisted ( SFTP )
Nuromicron Cat.6 Unshielded Twisted Pair ( UTP )
Nuromicron Cat. 6 Foil Twisted Fair ( FTP )


Cat 5e Patchcord
Patch Cable : 7*0.2mm bare copper ( 24 AWG )

Cat 6 Patchcord
Patch Cable : 7*0.22mm bare copper ( 23 AWG )

ACCESSORIES ( Copper Cabling )


Modular Keystone Jack ( RJ-45 )
Housing material:PC,ABS. Standart: UL, TIA/EIA-568A. Termination : 110, T568A & T568B. Gold Plating: 5OU

Single And 2-Port Faceplate
Housing material: PC, ABS. Type: UK type with shutter. Size: 86 x 84mm. Body color: White

Modular RJ-45 Connector Plug
Housing material: Polycarbonate (PC), UL 94-V-O / UL94V-2. Contact: Phosphor Bronze with hard gold plate over nicket. Gold plating: 5OU. Tensile Strength: 7.7Kg mini. Shielding: 0.25mm thickness copper alloy with tin plated

Cat.5E And Cat.6 Cable Management System
It is available with cable management guide for 1U dimensions equip with cable tie down brackets for secure termination methods. 


Nuromicron Elite Series Angled Patch Panel ( Support up to 10G )
Universal fitting for 24-ports keystone modular jacks. Silver spray painted bezel. Black power coated angled patch panel. Black power coated LH-RH C-clamps. Black power coated LH-RH Brackets. Wire management material : Plastic

Nuromicron Elite Serius Zig-Zag Modular Patch Panel
Plate: 1.5tSPCC Coating. Back Plate: 1.5t SPCC Plating. 16AWG#350L

Nuromicron Elite Serius Modular Tool-Less Keystone Jack (RJ-45)
Qualified Cat.6 / Class E. Permanent Link / Channel of TIA / EIA568B-1.1 Cat.6. ISO / IEC 11801 2nd Edition. IEC60603-7

Nurimicron Elite Series Modular Kaystone Jack (RJ-45)
Qualified Cat.6 / Class E. Permanent Link / Channel of TIA / EIA568B-1.1 Cat.6. ISO / IEC 11801 2nd Edition. IEC60603-7



Nuromicron RG59 Coaxial Installation Cable
Central Conductor Material: 20-gauge (0.032 in ): Solid copper. Organization: gas expend polyethylene dielectric. Outer shield: bare aluminium braid wire (34 AWG / 37 AWG ). Inner shield: aluminium foil bonded to dielectric. Jacket: polyvinyl chloride. Normal outer diameter: 0.24” (6.10mm).

Nuromicron RG6 Coaxial Installation Cable
Central Conductor Material: 18-gauge (0.040 in ): Solid copper. Organization: gas expend polyethylene dielectric. Outer shield: bare aluminium braid wire (34 AWG / 37 AWG ). Inner shield: aluminium foil laminated tape with overlap bonded dielectric. Jacket: 6.9mm polyvinyl chloride PVC. Normal outer diameter: 0.27” (6.91mm).

Nuromicron RG11 Coaxial Installation Cable
Central Conductor Material: 14-gauge (0.064 in ): Solid copper. Organization: gas expend polyethylene dielectric. Outer shield: bare aluminium braid wire (34 AWG / 37 AWG ). Inner shield: aluminium foil laminated tape with overlap bonded dielectric. Jacket: 10.0mm polyvinyl chloride PVC. Normal outer diameter: 0.395” (10.03mm).

Nuromicron 2.5V2V Coaxial Cables

Nuromicron 3C2V Coaxial Cables


BNC H Adapter
BNC Straight Male Crimp
BNC Straight Male Clamp
BNC Right Angle Male Crimp
BNC Sure Twist Male Clamp
BNCStraight Female Bulkhead Crimp
BNC Straight Female Bulkhead Clamp
BNC Square Flange Female Solder
BNC U Link (Double Female)
BNC Straight Female-Female Adapter (Plastic Isolator)
BNC T Female-Female Adapter
BNC Straight Male-Male Adapter
BNC Female to F Male Adapter
BNC Straight Female-Female Adapter
BNC to RCA Adapter
BNC Female-Female Adapter (Non Panel Mount)
BNC T Female-Male Adapter
BNC Female-Female-Male Y Link Adapter
BNC Male to Female Adapter
BNC Female-Male Adapter
BNC U Link Male-Male Adapter


TNC Straight Male Crimp
TNC Straight Male Clamp
TNC Straight Female Crimp
TNC Square Flange Crimp
TNC Square Flange Female Solder
TNC Right Angle Male Crimp
TNC Straight Female-Female Adapter

1.6 / 5.6

1.6 / 5.6 Straight Male Crimp
1.6 / 5.6 Straight Female Crimp
1.6 / 5.6 Straight Male Clamp
1.6 / 5.6 Straight Female Clamp
1.6 / 5.6 Right Angle Female Clamp
1.6 / 5.6 Right Angle Male Clamp
1.6 / 5.6 Male-Male –Femlae Y Link
1.6 / 5.6 Male-Male U Link
1.6 / 5.6 Male-Female Connector
1.6 / 5.6 Right Angle Male Crimp
1.6 / 5.6 Right Angle Right Crimp
1.6 / 5.6 Male to BNC Female Adapter
1.6 / 5.6 T Male-Female-Female Adapter
1.6 / 5.6 Female-Female Adapter
1.6 / 5.6 Female to BNC Male Adapter


SMA Straight Male Crimp
SMA Straight Male Clamp
SMAStraight Femaler Solder Bulkhead
SMA Female-Female Adapter
SMA Right Angle Male-Female Adapter
SMASquare Flange Female-Female Adapter


DDF Block 8/16 Way
Wall Mount DP Box