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WiFi Solution

WiFi solutions for Universities, Collage, School and Training Academy.

BYOD refers to the policy of permitting employees to bring personally owned mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) to their workplace, and to use those devices to access privileged company information and applications.  The term is also used to describe the same practice applied to students using personally owned devices in education settings.

BYOD solutions needed in campus environment are;
  • Enterprise WIFI system
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Routing/Firewall / VLAN

Beside above solutions, you might consider cloud education and cloud radius solutions for campus.

What is Cloud Education?

Cloud Education allowed educationist and students to sync and share files, calendar, contacts and access your data from all devices over LAN, WLAN or WAN on an open platform which can be extend and modify. This cloud located locally in each school, collage or campus to give fast data access up to 300 mbps over WLAN and allowed educationist administrators control over data which they decide what is shared with who and for how long and it allowed access to data from Your-Own-Device. It could be extended with apps and external storage

What is Radius Cloud?

Radius cloud allowed campus management to manage BYOD user authentication and authorization via share cloud services. With radius cloud, campus management could save on capital expenditure, hardware refreshment cycle, hardware-software operation and maintenance expenses.

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