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We are expert in equipment and configuration which supports Layer2 forwarding - including Bridging, Mesh and WDS. WDS allows to create custom wireless coverage using multiple APs what is impossible to do only with one AP (indoor, railroad installations) WDS allows packets to pass from one AP to another, just as if the APs were ports on a wired Ethernet switch. To optimize WDS performance on large scale networks our product has designed special layer-2 forwarding interface type - Mesh. 

(R)STP eliminates the possibility for the same MAC addresses to be seen on multiple bridge ports by disabling secondary ports to that MAC address. This helps avoid loops and improves network reliability. MikroTik also offers an alternative to RSTP - HWMP+HWMP+ is a MikroTik specific Layer-2 routing protocol for wireless mesh networks.The HWMP+ protocol is an improvement of the Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol (HWMP) from IEEE 802.11s draft standard.