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Managed WiFiBYOD (WaaS)

Managed Cyber Security (MCSaaS)


Content & App Filtering

54 categories, white-listing
& low false positives 


Malware Mitigation

Block 350,000 strains
of malware 


Reporting & Analysis

Real-time reports and
6 months of data 



Enable/disable filtering
based on time schedule 


Area restriction Control

Block countries
considered dangerous 

Managed WAN and Network (MWNaaS)

Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) is an important component for your IT and business operations. This service takes dedicated resources, hardware, software and latest applications to properly manage it. It covers the essential features and functionality carriers offer in their Wide Area Networks (WAN). Large businesses normally outsources WAN for IT functions and purchase them along with professional services to assess the enterprise networks. WAN management emerged during the late 1980s to help accommodate such enterprise outsourcing needs. The adoption of different internet technologies into the system; makes it more efficient, dynamic and complex. Managed WAN requires breadth, huge resources, depth of knowledge and technicalities to help enterprises focus on their core business.
Wide Area Network (WAN) will always be a critical component for your business operations. You will need WAN services for your network because it secures information delivery and transmission without sacrificing on high speed, so the company can stay productive all time. Managed WAN will bring many benefits for businesses. It helps business to stay focus on their core business, not the network. Your business needs a renowned company to help monitor and report to complete outsourcing of your corporate network, so that businesses can grow at healthy pace.
Managed WAN services improve the network for secure information delivery with speed and ease, so it helps the company to stay productive. Among many benefits along with the implementation of Managed WAN, here are a few more worth mentioning for why you need our services:

• We monitor the system timely, with prompt notification to isolate network fault and recommend corrective actions.
• We provide full gamut of management services, which includes life-cycle monitoring, management, maintenance and repair.
• We are extremely reliable in physical management services and data download/ upload speed. 

4. Managed Multi location attendance (MLAaaS)

In today's upcoming scenario where security has become very important not just for safety & security reasons but also contributes greatly towardsprogressive record management &workforce administration. Implication of Biometrics is the most discerning decision from a business perspective as it deeply permits the association to uphold workforce administration swiftly. Towards validation innovation, Biometric acknowledgment framework is progressively incorporated with the retail frameworks and representative self- administration entries. Not only it contributes both at a professional & personal level but also progressively dedicates towards a Green Revolution in various ways.


No carbon impressions :

Biometric frameworks have least carbon impressions as they are exceptionally proficient in power utilization and administration. Indeed, even in fluctuating force supply, they work regularly. They don't utilize any innovation that can hurt the nature. No colours, ink or plastics-the unique finger impression and biometric confront consoles are made of electronic sections that accompany a long time span of usability and can be effortlessly reused


No log books required:

With the coming of the biometrics innovation incorporated to the participation framework, the associations have figured out how to spare millions of rupees on paper, assets and necessary stuff required for its basic functioning. Thus the utilization of biometric face acknowledgment framework for participation totally dispenses with the utilization of paper logging records and any resulting manual passages required to confirm the section into a specific confined zone.


Takes complete responsibility on wastage

There is zero wastage connected with the utilization of biometrics in worker self-administration and understudy participation frameworks. Indeed, even with absolute minimum equipment framework, the biometrics works efficiently. Though with time, every electronic device loses their efficiency but with biometrics solution, more than 100 year of work proficiency can happily be guaranteed. There is no requirementofanyswipe cards or brilliant cards for approval. For another client or for somebody leaving the association, no extra work administration framework required. It is simple and easy going. The information is entered, altered and demolished at the source itself.


All information is safe & secure

Loss of data and information spillage is a major natural risk as they can be utilized malevolently for unchartered purposes. The biometric confront acknowledgment framework improves the information insurance standards and decreases their misfortune. Duplication of information is another real issue that damages the computerized ecology or Digital Environment. Utilization of computerized biometrics signature totally dispenses / reduces with the reliance on making reinforcements and operational printed material to recognize a specific individual punching to get the authorization for access inside any building.


Works in all conditions wet as well as dry conditions

In earlier times the access control systems could only work just perfect weather conditions. It is no more the scenario today. Fingerprints management control / thumb impression control system in sync with the face recognition frameworks work very with great adequacy in wet condition as well as in dry environmental conditions. In addition, they don't lose their precision with rise and drop of temperature which is a noteworthy favourable position of advanced biometrics innovation.

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