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We principally involved in enterprise computing and IP networking solutions professional services-specialized in project  consultations, project management, enterprise system and academy.

IT IP Project Consultations

  • Network IT IP audit 
  • Network IT IP planning
  • Network IT IP security 
  • Network IT IP training 
  • Design and construct data centre or server room 
  • Design and construct network monitoring centre NOC 
  • Design and construct call-centre IT helpdesk  
  • Design and construct cctv surveillance video management command centre


IT Project Management

  • (WaaS) WiFi as a Services or Managed WiFi
  • (ITaas) IT as a Services or Managed IT services
  • (Paas) Platform as a Services or cloud computing services
  • (VSaaS) Video Surveillance as a Service or remote surveillance 
  • Manage Desktop Services

Enterprise Solutions

  • Hotel WiFi Solutions
  • Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) Solutions
  • Long Range WiFi (Point to Point PtP) (Point to multi point PtMP) Solutions 
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD system)
  • Video Management System (VMS), 
  • IP digital signage system, 
  • Client Relation Management system (CRM), 
  • Human Resources Management system (HRM), 
  • Cloud accounting financial system advisory

Human Capital Development 

  • High speed broadband VPN ready computers lab rental
  • Internship and Industrial training
  • MII computerized exam centre
  • FIMM computerized exam centre 
  • Academy, training, certification and short-courses