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WiFi solutions for Hotel, Resort, Cruise Ship and Convention Hall


Guest satisfaction and loyalty are top priorities for you. Achieving those goals includes delivering a strong, consistent WiFi experience. Consider the number of smart-phones, tablets and laptops that are used by guest who check-in to your hotel each day. Whether on vacation or on business, hotel guest expect to connect, stream, watch, download, work and play without complication and limit. Solutions need to meet that high-speed WiFi demand are;

1. Enterprise WiFi System – Seamless and scalability wifi coverage

Our high performance WiFi access point offers a longer range coverage up to 183 meter with sleek industrial design which can be integrated seamlessly into any wall or ceiling surface. It have LED indicator to simplifies deployment and configuration.

With one unified network with zero-handoff roaming it create one large wireless network across multiple APs so users can roam and seamlessly maintain their connection as they switch to the nearest AP.

Scalability for thousand means it capable for unlimited scalability under one centralized controller which provide instant provision and fast configuration for thousand of APs and quickly manage system traffic.

2. Bandwidth management – Robust and consistence connectivity

Providing large wireless coverage without managing bandwidth is useless. No matter you are using dedicated Metro E as a internet backbone or best effort internet package from Internet Service Provider,  there are bandwidth limit. And this bandwidth must be manage and efficiently aggregate  if you want to deliver a strong and consistent wifi connectivity experience.

3. Network Security  – How to segregate internet for public wifi and office use?

Most of the hotel management we have meet up, subscribed more than one account with internet service provider (ISP). The main reason - to segregate both public and private network for network security reason by not-knowing that there are solutions which allow secure network share with just one ISP account. 
Other solutions that might need in hospitality environment are;
  • IP VPN / Network Tunneling
  • IP PABX / VoIP 
  • IP Door access / IP Attendance system

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