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Training Facilities and Computer Labs Rental

We eliminates significant time spent locating multiple facilities internally. We are your "Single Source" solution for every aspect of your professional and government training, such as facility selection, scheduling, administrative and technical support, as well as technical configuration, set-up and testing, training materials management, catering coordination and centralized billing.

Facility Rentals can eliminate the significant costs that go into maintaining your own training space. Whether you are looking for a training room for soft skills such as compliance training and continuing education, or a larger room for seminar training, we have the perfect environment for you.

To stay ahead of competition, many companies have to update and change their systems and technical platforms, making training necessary for employees as well as clients. This type of training requires a state of the art computer lab and we offers rooms to hold rooms from 10 computers to 40 computers. 

Computer Lab and Training Facility Standard Specifications
+ Full time on-site technical and administrative support
+ Technical configuration, set-up and testing
+ Customized Location Guide URL links
+ Fixed IP
+Laser jet Network Printer 
+Catering Coordination
+ 1.6 - 3.0 Ghz CPU Intel/AMD
+ 1-4 GB RAM; 20 - 100+ Gb HDD
+ T1 full 1.5 Mbps to T-3 10.0 Mbps maximum bandwidth
+ Min. 17" LCD Monitors
+ LCD Projector Screen and Whiteboard (optional)