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The NAZA Group of Companies has encapsulated the principals of building and maintaining excellent customer relationships and satisfaction from its initial business of motor trading. This success has thus been successfully replicated in our other forays into various industries listed below. We believe that success is build upon a set of principals, and that any business which follows the same set of principals will meet with the same success, resulting in our exponential growth and phenomenal success that is our conglomerate today. We have achieved international success through a variety of subsidiaries and alliances and have thus far captured the trust and standards necessary to further expand our group, making the Naza group one of the most prominent and respected conglomerates in Malaysia. Yet our true purpose of diversification and expansion has yet to be fulfilled. In order to truly become a successful global organization, we need to continue pushing ourselves and the standards that are set for us. This gives us at Naza group a single minded purpose that unites the organization as one, achieving success in every industry and becoming the market leader through consistency in excellence and recognition. Our focus on the various types of industries is constantly narrowed to improving productivity and establishing success through strategic use of knowledge gained from our alliances locally and internationally.

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-Upgrade WiFi AP for better radius coverage and reconfigure routing protocol for better connectivity, testing and WiFi hotspot commissioning at NAZA Kampung Baru show room.

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